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Yokubanana - by EBsessor


Yokuba and his undying love for bananas - Mother 3!

Other Submissions by EBsessor

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EBsessor Bound by Fear
With nothing to keep themselves going but each other, this is the journey of four destined children through fears untold.

After reading this, feel free to visit the Writing Discussion/Previews thread on the Halloween Funfest board for a full, detailed description. I do hope you enjoy.
10/8/07 0.00
EBsessor Butterfly Fishing?
My first Mother 3 fanart, and my first serious attempt at fanart at all.

A Mr. Saturn's attempt to catch a bird takes an unexpected turn when a Magic Butterfly is attracted to the pretty, red balloon instead.
11/21/07 0.00
EBsessor Dark Romance
Ness and Paula's venture into the darkness of Threed.

Final and complete version.

10/14/06 0.00
EBsessor Pigmask Park
Some weird thing at a park in the playground, and it totally looks like a Pigmask from MOTHER 3!
5/23/08 0.00
EBsessor Poo Swoosh
To the surprise of the three, Poo swoops in and destroys Master Barf.

My first Earthbound fanart :)
7/29/07 0.00


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