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EB Inkblot 1 - by NKing729

EB Inkblot 1

The first of my inkblot series!
What do you see.........

Other Submissions by NKing729

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NKing729 TAIPF #8
The boys first fight, oh noes! Tears!
10/15/07 0.00
NKing729 Giygas-O-Lantern
My Giygas Jack-o-lantern, enjoy!
10/26/07 0.00
NKing729 DarkNess
This is kinda how Ness looks in the HFF fanfic "The DarkNess". I was supposed to wear a costume representind this, but that fell through and I drew this. I suck at drawing, so its not my full vision.
11/3/07 0.00
NKing729 TAIPF #9
The Happy Thanksgiving Edition!
11/21/07 0.00
NKing729 zombie face nightmare!
Kinda of what a delerium induced nightmare about an urban zombie's face, looks like to me.
11/25/07 0.00


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