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Imitating imitation of Life - by crazyants

Imitating imitation of Life

Colored and 10x more awesome.

Other Submissions by crazyants

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crazyants Did you forget?
I believe you neglected to give mr.fobby here a candy and now you have been magic'ed for your ignorance.
10/13/06 0.00
crazyants Tenda riding a arrow lizard from mother 3
I did this because someone (mrmojoman) told me to do a drawing while he was at my house so I went a head and did this.
10/30/06 0.00
crazyants It doesn't mean you were born to run
I did this one pretty quick as I had to go do something and I thought that I might lose my inspiration.
10/30/06 0.00
crazyants kraken baby loses her mother to ness
i felt i would make a peice that made the good guys look bad and try to make you feel bad for the monsters.
9/13/06 0.00


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