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Blue, blue trees - by Bluwiikoon

Blue, blue trees

One time, an Insane Cultist ended up stuck in a tree on my EB file for some strange reason. It was kinda funny, though I was sad because I couldn't fight him. :( Oh well.

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Bluwiikoon Giegue hates people
And so does Mewtwo!
8/8/08 0.00
Bluwiikoon Giygas
You know, that evil swirly red guy.
8/10/08 0.00
Bluwiikoon Giygas' house
Me and Abufikatoo were messing about on Animal Crossing, and this happened. XD She made the Giygas texture, the room, and cosplayed as Lucas, I took the pictures and cosplayed as the female Ness. Sorry about the bad quality.
8/5/08 0.00
Bluwiikoon Giygas-bird
I don't know! :D I've been practicing drawing birds recently (mostly the wings), and uuhh... I decided to draw this for some reason. I'm either weird, or very imaginative.
2/5/08 9.00


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