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Poo learns Starstorm - by Shiroi

Poo learns Starstorm

Isn't just magical? :)

Other Submissions by Shiroi

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Shiroi Beautiful Bow
Because I love the happy happy cultists way too much not to do another art piece of them.
6/17/12 0.00
Shiroi Blue Blue Girl
It's the happyist chick from my "I dream of Blue" picture!
6/28/09 8.00
Shiroi Color-Me-Paula
Something I did up real quick because I was bored and playing with colors is fun. :)
2/17/10 0.00
Shiroi Four Friends's an old picture I did of the friendly foursome about a year ago. Yeah...back then, I could have sworn Ness was wearing purple shorts with a purple and yellow striped shirt. -_-; Yeah, go me and my spanktacular eyesight (not).
12/1/08 0.00
Shiroi Happy Happy School Days
Two Happyist children on their way to school.
6/29/09 9.00


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