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Lucas - by Klobber


Never leave home without your rope snake.

Other Submissions by Klobber

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Klobber All Hail Giygas
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 30 Apr 2007

Giygas and his various servants.
2/3/06 9.48
Klobber The Chosen Four
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 18 Feb 2008

A compilation of all the banners I made for Fangamer, one banner based on each of the four main characters of EarthBound.
2/6/08 10.00
Klobber Carbon Dog
Fan Art of the Week winner! 13 Feb 2006

Carbon Dog, wreathed in smoke and flame...or perhaps he just has bad gas, I don't know.
1/31/06 10.00


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