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That's MASTER Pokey to you! - by Missy

That's MASTER Pokey to you!

I had to redo the lines so much e_e
oh well

Other Submissions by Missy

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Missy DoodleBound
pen is hard to use
5/2/09 0.00
Missy Carbon Dog
Pokemon taught me how to draw fire >_>
5/26/08 0.00
Missy Wushu
Poo -- training.
4/9/09 0.00
Missy Porkursor Cover
Porky is good friends with his neighbor Ness, but soon realizes that his friendship is nothing more than a cheap ploy to become more "popular", or so he's lead to believe thanks to Giegue whom poisons his mind with lies -- among other things.
Giegue is relentless in its plans to convince Porky more-so that Earth has given him nothing.
10/30/09 0.00
Missy Porkursor pg. 1
10/30/09 0.00


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