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Queen Mary's Spirit - by Claus' Twin

Queen Mary's Spirit

If you can't read it, it says, "After Ness defeated his nightmare and Magicant started to fade away, he heard a voice, sweet as honey, singing a gorgeous tune he had heard before." I always wondered why Ness couldn't hear Queen Mary, considering that Magicant seemed to almost be the same in Mother as in EarthBound.

Other Submissions by Claus' Twin

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Claus' Twin Ness in Onett
One dark and stormy night, one young boy set out on a journey that would change his life forever...
6/12/08 0.00
Claus' Twin Paula
Paula, drawn in the same style as my previous drawing of Ness. Her main physical weapon, the frying pan, is behind her. Hopefully you can see that. =)
6/12/08 0.00
Claus' Twin PK Fire β
One dark, cold morning, a brave boy, two of his neighbors, and a bug from the future encountered a diabolical robot whose ghost Ness would later encounter- but that time would be with three dear friends.
11/7/08 0.00
Claus' Twin Poo
Poo, drawn SSBB style, getting ready to perform PK Starstorm!
6/12/08 0.00
Claus' Twin Princess Kumatora
Princess Kumatora, drawn SSBB style, preparing to perform PK Starstorm.
6/13/08 0.00


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