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attack of the mecha-drago - by aaark

attack of the mecha-drago

flint sure is manly! he was able to defeat THIS?

Other Submissions by aaark

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aaark Muttshroom smiles at you eagerly
how do they see with no eyes?
10/4/08 0.00
aaark RMushroom rambled about today's youth!
(old art) blah!
8/16/08 7.64
aaark Runaway dog scratched behind its ears!
(old art) Runaway dog felt a little strange...
8/16/08 7.27
aaark the grumpy gruff goat grumbled grumpily
perhaps he's mad at jeff for skipping school?
8/16/08 6.00
aaark Yammonster seemed distant...
a watercolorpainting of a forlorn yammonster! i'd be sad too if i knew my destiny was either to be defeated via stick, or baked for meals
12/23/08 0.00


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