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Paula? - by Baby Batty


Paula prayed from the bottom of her stomach! Anchovies, anyone?

Other Submissions by Baby Batty

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Baby Batty A few Smashers
I don't take my time with pictures, sorry. Ness is poorly drawn, Lucas has a head that's a bit out of place and was poorly colored, drew Pikachu in like 2 minutes, and I messed up the outlining of Kirby. Oh well. Hope your eyes don't bleed.
8/15/08 0.00
Baby Batty Because I Love You
I REALLY shouldn't listen to Because I Love You, because it makes me cry everytime. I always think of my grandma, who is up in the sky, and my mom, who has cancer.
11/14/08 0.00
Baby Batty Cartoon-style Ness
I tried cartoon style Ness. And I have a couple more pictues, but.. I'll save room for other people. XD
2/8/09 0.00
Baby Batty Chubby Dude
I think he's the little brother!
1/7/09 0.00
Baby Batty Crying.. remake
A newer/better verson of my old picture on my other account that I forgot the password to. D:
2/8/09 0.00


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