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A Warm-lighted prayer - by Mystic Pyro Freak

A Warm-lighted prayer

There she goes again. Praying for Giygas knows what!"

Other Submissions by Mystic Pyro Freak

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Mystic Pyro Freak Pokey in Second Life
A Tiny Pokey avatar made by me and a friend for Second Life.(The UC on his head wasn't made by either of us). YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE FATTY!
12/25/08 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak Pokey likes Spiders
My first Tegaki doodle.
The mechs that Pokey has used were very spideresque. That made me wonder if this is suggesting that he perhaps has a fascination with spiders? Maybe he was originally inspired by them with the way they trap their prey (Like how he's able to manipulate people so easily)? Either way, I drew this in lieu of that thought as sort of a foreshadowing of things to come (A subtle foreshadowing, anyway) for the Minch we love to hate (Or love XD). Do you think he may have a spider fetish? <.<
6/14/08 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak Pokey of Joyous Cult
Drew this for Galena's EarthBound Screenplay. He wears this as opposed to his overalls in the Happy Happyist scene. Snazzy.
5/19/09 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak Pollyanna Pyro Freak
My attempt at covering the vocal version of Pollyanna using the Melee arrangement of the song. You can call me Pollyanna, say I'm crazy as a loon, but I BELIEVE this came out pretty decent. =)
8/13/08 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak Poltergeist
The one incident that set EVERYTHING in motion.
9/10/08 0.00


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