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Bein' Friends - by The Pig King

Bein' Friends

Loid kills Ninten. The rest goes from there.

Other Submissions by The Pig King

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The Pig King Third
Guys, are you listening? When I fought those kids, I said some things I shouldn't have, and I have a confession to make. I'm not really the third strongest among us. I'm actually the fourth strongest, but third sounds so much more intimidating, you know? I mean, who'd be afraid of the fourth strongest mole? Nobody, that's who. I guess I just thought that if they thought I was third, they might be scared, cautious, maybe, and I could use that to my advantage. Now, though, I realize that it was wrong to lie about my position among the Guardian Diggers, and I am really, truly sorry.
9/6/09 0.00
The Pig King Tough
What do these kids think they’re doing on my beach? They should know that this spot is mine! Ness… I don’t know how, but I know that’s the kid’s name. Ness… The name sounds so… stupid! I hate this Ness kid! What kind of a name is that, anyway? Is he some sort of foreigner? I hate foreigners! I mean, I’m not from Summers either, but that doesn’t matter! I hate this kid, and I’m gonna tear him apart!
9/6/09 0.00
The Pig King Tricky
It was Halloween, just like any other normal Halloween, and I was going door to door, collecting candy. I stopped to think, that day, though, why do they call it trick-or-treating if you only get treats? Smiling, I stuffed some snakes into my bag(harmless garden snakes, of course, wouldn’t hurt a fly), and rang the next doorbell. As soon as the door opened, I swung the bag forward, shouting, “Trick!” as the old woman screamed.
9/6/09 0.00
The Pig King Tunnels
Going through the tunnels in Threed. Written entirely in dialogue.
9/6/09 0.00


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