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Sailor Kumatora? - by DragonKazooie89

Sailor Kumatora?

A combination of one of my favorite anime series with one of my favorite RPGs. She doesn't look to happy XD

Other Submissions by DragonKazooie89

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DragonKazooie89 Pyro Pigmask
Ever since I got Team Fortress 2, I've been having a lot of fun and wanted to mix it up with MOTHER. It works well because of what happens in chapter 1
5/29/09 9.00
DragonKazooie89 PokéMother Overworld Sprites
12 overworld sprites of Various MOTHER characters, mainly EarthBound, in the style of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Poo was the hardest of the bunch.
5/4/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Pokemon DP Kumatora Sprite
Pokemon Trainer Kumatora would like to battle!
1/12/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Peach Polestar
Just a picture of Princess Peach cosplaying as Paula from EarthBound as part of a contest on another site.
3/16/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Paula as Sailor Venus
I got the idea for this after seeing a comment on YouTube in which someone confused Paula with Minako/Mina/Sailor Venus. If you think about it, they do look quite similar.
3/31/09 0.00


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