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UC vs Turducken - by Kupo_KK

UC vs Turducken

Okay, I'm a tiny bit late. But I did it!

Other Submissions by Kupo_KK

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Kupo_KK Adventures on Snowcap Mt.!
This... really came out worse than I worked on three weeks for. Movie Maker just BUTCHERED the first part with Lucas so, uh, ignore that part. It's still amazing, really!
1/13/09 0.00
Kupo_KK After Giant Step
I'm not really sure, myself. Just Frank and Titanic Ant chillin' at the burger stop.
3/18/09 0.00
Kupo_KK Appreciation.
Everyone wants it, and on Christmas, you have to give to get it. The only exception to that rule is if you give your kid a sweater. You'd probably just get a dirty look or something then.
12/22/08 0.00
Kupo_KK Bird Stick's new buddy
My brain made this. I don't understand my brain, either.
11/25/08 0.00
Kupo_KK Bubble Orangutan
Someone get that monkey outta the cheese powder!
11/9/08 0.00


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