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Spoils from Japanland - by Pickle Inspector

Spoils from Japanland

My best friend recently returned from japan, and I find he bought me all of this stuff!!!

The Deluxe Box was around 90$ US, and MOTHER 1+2 was around 22$ US

Other Submissions by Pickle Inspector

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Pickle Inspector 2 More Nesses at Fanime 09
These 2 I only saw at the Nintendo gathering at Fanime.
6/9/09 0.00
Pickle Inspector A Ness and Lucas at Fanime 09
I only saw these 2 for a bit, I think they had other cosplays during the other days. Rope Snake looks funny.
6/9/09 0.00
Pickle Inspector A Ness at Fanime 09
This Ness was pretty cool, she was sporting a Franklin Badge Pin.
6/9/09 0.00
Pickle Inspector Claus at Fanime 09
This was my friend Rory cosplaying as Claus. He did a really good job I think.
6/9/09 0.00
Pickle Inspector Duster at Fanime 09
A very cool Duster from Fanime 09
6/9/09 0.00


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