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Ninten Sprite - by ShadowX

Ninten Sprite

Mother 1, Media, Desktop Images, Mother Icons Windows desktop icon of the Ninten sprite.

Other Submissions by ShadowX

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ShadowX That Yellow Backpack - Otakon '09
The backpack I used for Otakon '09. Inside was a large bottle of water and special Fangamer packing slips. Those were handed out to anyone dressed as EarthBound/MOTHER characters. My regular backpack sits in awe at the radiant yellow glow (which was spray paint). Sadly, the hat is covering the many pins found at
7/21/09 0.00
ShadowX Ness (7) - Otakon '09
The classic Ness pose. And if you've noticed, red is the favorite shoe color choice of Ness fans everywhere.
7/21/09 0.00
ShadowX EarthBound The Musical (Marque)
The off off off Broadway SMAAAASH Hit.

(this is what happens when everyone at work decide to take the day off)
7/29/08 0.00
ShadowX Kumatora & Lucas - Otakon '09
These two are ready to battle and sell you some sweet fan art.
7/21/09 0.00
ShadowX Ness (9) - Otakon '09
This final Ness enjoys his music with some hi-fi headphones.
7/22/09 0.00


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