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Lucas cosplay! - by mastershambler

Lucas cosplay!

Here is my Lucas cosplay! I am on the left :)

Other Submissions by mastershambler

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mastershambler Giygas at PAX
Final version of my Giygas flag! A huge improvement over the last one! Enjoy and see you soon!
8/27/09 0.00
mastershambler Jeff Andonuts at Sakuracon!
An Earthbound photo shoot I did with my good friend Yuffie2900
4/16/09 9.00
mastershambler Jeff Andonuts cosplay
Here is my Jeff cosplay! roaming around poolside.
3/5/09 0.00
mastershambler Jeff Andonuts cosplay!
This is my in progress Jeff that I have altered and will be debuting at Sakuracon 2009! Hope to see you there!
3/17/09 0.00
mastershambler Jeff's School Threads
Jeff was very happy when The Snow Wood Academy campus released these hoodies because they go so well with Jeff's style and color scheme! Even an awesome lanyard to carry all the bad keys and good as well as the key pull which is a constant nostalgic reminder of Jeff's journeys!
12/13/09 0.00


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