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MOTHER - by Cafechan


What's that? The fanart queue is winding down? Let me fix that.

Other Submissions by Cafechan

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Cafechan Decoration
This picture makes no sense to me.
But I worked pretty hard on it.
I can't decide if I like the floating window or not...
12/21/08 9.00
Cafechan Flying Man -the lalalalala version-
I-I'm a bit embarrassed to upload this, because it was mostly just something I did out of boredom, but I was thinking I wanted to do a rendition of Flying Man since I like that song... but I have no musical talent, so I just 'lalalalalala'd furiously and hoped it wouldn't sound like crap, LOL. S-so enjoy...?
2/7/09 0.00
Cafechan Free Fall Paper Doll
I tried a different style. I'm not really sure what's going on in this picture, though... I just wanted to draw Lucas.
1/4/09 9.00
Cafechan Happy Valentine's!
I'm sure this is a pun that's been done before, but aren't Valentine's cards all about cheesy puns? Please feel free to print this out and give it to your friends. :)
2/2/09 9.00
Cafechan I'm Joining, Too
Nothing special, just a small Tegaki picture I drew for an app. to a Tegaki RP group.
I wonder who I should draw next? It seems like I draw Paula and Lucas a lot.
3/22/09 8.00


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