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Summers: The Eternal Tourist Trap - by daxxglax

Summers: The Eternal Tourist Trap

A first attempt, weird suave tones abound. Warning: May induce the urge to recklessly spend cash on kitschy tourist goods.

Other Submissions by daxxglax

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daxxglax The Catacomb
The true horror of Threed and the efforts of its brave men and women, revealed.
11/11/08 0.00
daxxglax Descent into Madness
The personal account of the Mani Mani's first victim
10/11/08 0.00
daxxglax We are STARMEn
Resistance is futile!
10/11/08 0.00
daxxglax The Doorknob- Full Circle
A look at the doorknob and what it represents. MAJOR MOTHER 3 SPOILERS!
6/9/08 0.00
daxxglax The Negative Man-Why so glum?
A look at the negative man, why he is what he is, and what is inside each of us
6/9/08 0.00


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