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Forgiven pg 1 -- Claus Gave His Last Breath - by Shaon

Forgiven pg 1 -- Claus Gave His Last Breath

Forgiven - #01
Forgiven is a short Mother 3 comic I'm working on.

Holy crap this page took a lot out of me. It’s one of the more ink-intensive pages and I don’t think my prismas nor microns will ever be the same.

Also my scanner broke while trying to scan this which caused me a lot of trouble.

I also feel that this flows a bit funkily but hey, what can you do?

Other Submissions by Shaon

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Shaon Lil' Skywunner
Mommy, where do little skyrunners come from?
9/19/09 0.00
Shaon Lucas and Klaus T.
no lucas, don't read that book

it's not about you or claus
5/13/09 0.00
Shaon Lucas in watercolor
Done in pencils and watercolors to demonstrate to my friend how I paint stuff. Probably would be what Dandelions would look like if I got off my rear end and started working on that again >:T
11/2/09 0.00


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