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Who is that? - by biehlza

Who is that?

Who could ever be under that mask?

Other Submissions by biehlza

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biehlza Sand Snake
The Rope Snake in a different style.
8/18/09 0.00
biehlza Scratch and Sniff
While exploring old counters and tables in my school, I came across this drawing, which looked an awful lot like Mr.Saturn.
2/4/10 0.00
biehlza Secret of Tessie Revealed
Ah, so this explains everything.
The monkey was behind the entire thing.
Should have known.
8/29/09 0.00
biehlza Soft lil Fobbies
Made of cotton balls and gum wrappers.
8/26/09 0.00
biehlza Soppys
Foppy made of sand.
No wonder they weren't a threat.
7/25/09 0.00


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