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Pencil Rocket - by skei

Pencil Rocket

I noticed they were putting out bottle rockets when shopping (somewhat ironically...for Jeff cosplay supplies) at Michael's last week. This nearly killed me. Mother 3, anyone?

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skei Saturny Potential
The same Mr. Saturn plush I did, with a additional little headscarf I made for him. It makes his whiskers get all out-of-shape, haha!
8/19/09 0.00
skei Starman
He's so shiny! Not thrilled with the fabric and still working on a proper pattern. Someone at Otakon snatched him up right away! A quick picture I had taken. :)
7/30/09 0.00
skei Starman Super
A fleece Starman Super I made after a quick pattern draft (which is why his head is so tall...). He's 19" tall! :)
6/23/09 0.00


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