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Hinawa - by Wilhelmina Carmel


The new hit single from three people who have no lives! Hinawa will tear at your heartstrings as her epic tale of life after death unfolds through means of this beautiful song. Made in collaboration with Frau Landers, Izumi, Clay Aiken and Shigesato Itoi.

Other Submissions by Wilhelmina Carmel

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Wilhelmina Carmel Paula_Caboose
(Grandma Caboose)
8/23/08 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel PK Fiyah Redux
This time with Lucas, and in... not the style of Brawl. IN THREE-D!!!! Not really. :x Hope you enjoy the sillyness! =)
5/17/08 9.00
Wilhelmina Carmel PK Fiyah!
My first Ness drawing! I did work hard to remember what he looked like, and I was pleased... Until... Until I realized I forgot hiss backpack, dundundun! So, you know what I did? I drew it in.
5/2/08 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel Posin'
Mmmhmm. Posin'. I was debating whether to put 'EB' or 'MOTHER2' but since EB was the first name I knew the game by, I put that.
5/9/08 10.00


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