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The end! - by superLARK

The end!

Groupshot! One of the prints I did for AX09. Thanks to those who stopped by!

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I love sound battles. And Kumatora's magical rainbow gloves, which happen to be invisible in this picture.
7/21/08 0.00
superLARK 8 Stars
Another print done for AX09. Sorry about the lack of Teddy (or even Eve or Pippi), my skills fail me. OTL
7/6/09 0.00
superLARK A Kite For YOU
Tegaki'd! Was feeling down, but Lucas makes me happy.
6/4/08 0.00
superLARK Always Brothers
H-hi. Claus and Lucas on openCanvas 3.03en...!
5/18/08 0.00
superLARK Another Perspective
I sort of feel sorry for Pokey, even though he's kind of a huge jerk. Shi-painter 43m
9/15/08 0.00


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