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PK Star Storm! - by mastershambler

PK Star Storm!

taken at Anime Expo 2009!

Other Submissions by mastershambler

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mastershambler The Chosen 4 Sakuracon 2009
Is it really all them?! Wait somethings not right here... hmm I can't figure it out. I'll leave it at that! I am absolutely thrilled to gather the chosen 4 in a USA con.
4/14/09 0.00
mastershambler The digust of Fassad
How can you not hate him!? Does he look like he cares? Awesome Kumatora at Sakuracon 2009
4/14/09 0.00
mastershambler The Wise Mute
It's Leder from MOTHER 3! The humble bellman of Tazmily! I was recently inspired to do him by Galenalarkin and her awesome MOTHER 3 script!

King P sure gave him terrible living quarters...

If only I was really as tall as he is!
With some a deep role he plays in the game! He is character that cannot be forgotten!
9/14/09 0.00


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