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Sunflower - by LoveOmega



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LoveOmega Ness Cosplay
My sis (Craziness) as Ness! We're going to Otakon as Ness and Lucas this weekend.
7/16/09 0.00
LoveOmega Ness and Lucas
I've submitted a lot of photos lately, but we just got some more good ones at Otakon so here are a few more. :) This is the pose we made for almost every picture.
7/19/09 0.00
LoveOmega Ness Eating Steak
We took a break and went to dinner after running around the con all day and Craziness got her favorite food,steak, which happens to be the same as Ness's. (At least if you keep all the default names)
7/19/09 0.00
LoveOmega Ness vs. Lucas
It was hard to take this picture without laughing...
7/16/09 0.00


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