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Paula - by emaw the awesome


i like this... paula is normally hard for me to draw.

Other Submissions by emaw the awesome

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emaw the awesome Carpet Monster
My sister and i both like the music that plays along when you fight this monster!
7/30/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Mecha Drago
Porky is a weird character, and i love him for that. Except for the part where he makes the animals have natural half mechanical. it is kinda creepy! My sister thinks it is good so i hope you think that too!
7/30/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Pig Tank
these things are easier to fight than to draw you know!!!
but i think it went alright!
7/31/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Clay Guy
these thing are tougher at fighting than drawing! i remember my first time trying to fight one of these things ; i had to ask my sister to do! :P
7/31/09 0.00
emaw the awesome Paula
i like this... paula is normally hard for me to draw.
8/4/09 0.00


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