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Thank you for 20 Years, Player... - by valiant_dreamer8

Thank you for 20 Years, Player...

I know, I know. It's WAAAAAY past the anniversary, but I want to at least do SOMETHING. I wanna kill college for killing my time, but hey. At least I did something.

Anyways, I wanted to do something very different in my anniversary pic for the series. When you try to remember, the game always asks for the player's/your name, right? Since then, I always felt like I am also holding an important role whenever I play the series. Ah, the memories...

Other Submissions by valiant_dreamer8

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valiant_dreamer8 16 (+1) Melodies Symbols
My own version after hearing the credits of Mother 3. And don't look at me, I thought the Ocarina in Mother was needed, since I was just halfway in the game when I made this. Looks like I was wrong, ehe. Anyways, I find 8 Melodies from Mother the best.
4/26/09 0.00
valiant_dreamer8 Brother
Thought of drawing this scene after finishing the game. A real tear-jerker, the scene was. And yeah, one of my first few attempts in using SAI.
4/26/09 0.00
valiant_dreamer8 Crossover: MOTHER X Hetalia
After watching the Earthbound Series Documentary in Tomato's EarthboundCentral, I couldn't help but draw this.
1/10/10 0.00
valiant_dreamer8 Crossover: MOTHER X Hetalia II
Another crossover pic. If this keeps up, I'm gonna start doing some Hetalia X MOTHER pics, haha. *goes back to sleep*
1/10/10 0.00
valiant_dreamer8 Desert Traveling
Supposed to be hot today here in this country where I am right now, but it's actually confusing right now. And I really pity Jeff here, ehehe.
4/26/09 0.00


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