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Background - Giegue - by Kurtis T

Background - Giegue

Hopefully, the next one'll look lot better. Brushes used here can be found at

Other Submissions by Kurtis T

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Kurtis T Giegue - Tune Kicker
He's taking some time off from trying to destroy innocent little kids.
6/10/09 0.00
Kurtis T Giegue's Song
This is Femgue gah I'm so sorry don't hurt me ;A;
8/20/09 0.00
Kurtis T Go! Go! Fobby Rangers!
Now in various colors: Wemon, Chewwy, Buboo Gum, Gerry-Berry, Lime-Away, Sky flavor, and Purple Stuff in the Back of the Fridge!
5/22/09 0.00
Kurtis T Grrr...
He's looking for some "omnomnom"'s.
4/13/09 0.00


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