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Trusty, Dusty Neighbor! - by Jami

Trusty, Dusty Neighbor!

Not at all trusty, but pretty dusty!

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Jami bang bang
you're dead

the perspective is off
5/2/09 0.00
It's tasteless comic time! :D
4/27/09 0.00
Jami Chosen 4
sdhfh sorry for the low quality! all I have is a webcam to take pictures. :/

I did these guys in marker! :) They're about 4-5 inches big.
3/20/09 0.00
Jami Embarrassing
Happy Valentines Day, Jeff! m-may I clean your glasses?
2/14/09 0.00
Jami Feeed Me!
I always set my favorite food as soup.
I imagine Ness would come home in pretty bad shape. x]
10/4/08 0.00


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