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Ocho in Pixels - by Katrina Watersong

Ocho in Pixels

An attempt at simple pixel art.

I think my way of drawing Ocho is cuter than his sprite XD

Other Submissions by Katrina Watersong

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Katrina Watersong Kumatora
Just the tomboy princess of Osohe Castle herself.

My deviantART friend cherryblossoms1992 drew this, and as I said before she said I could put her EarthBound art up on here.
12/29/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Kumatora's Swimsuit
Lucas likes what he sees, hurr~
12/3/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Kumatora: PK Starstorm
Kumatora is using one of the most epic PSI moves in existence... PK STARSTORM! I'm really proud of this guys. I love the lighting effects. I'm really improving.
11/5/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Little Miss Beartiger
Guess who just returned from the realm of the dead? That's right! Katrina Watersong is back and better than ever, guize. Hot dang, look how much I've improved...

Just announcing my return to life on here with a drawing of Kumatora as a... bear-tiger girl...

10/6/11 0.00
Katrina Watersong Locria in the Stars
5/28/10 0.00


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