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Through the Fire - by Mr. Mars

Through the Fire

So maybe Ness didn't face Carbon Dog alone...but hey, that doesn't seem to phase him here. (Done in GIMP)

Other Submissions by Mr. Mars

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Mr. Mars Brilliance Episode 1 - It Involves Trash Cans
Our hero who looks sort of like Ness but may not be Ness enters a strange new world from a singularly unexpected gateway.
7/30/10 0.00
Mr. Mars Brilliance Episode 2 - It Involves Various Hues
Our hero who is decidedly not Ness observes his predicament whilst falling...downwards.
7/30/10 0.00
Mr. Mars Brilliance Episode 3 - It Involves Dignity
Our hero ponders about more important things than plummeting to his doom.
7/31/10 0.00
Mr. Mars Brilliance Episode 4 - It Involves "One-"...?
Our hero nears the end of his fall into a mysterious town that no one on these sacred forums could ever possibly guess the name of, even with the first three letters spelled out.
8/2/10 0.00
Mr. Mars Brilliance Episode 5 - It Involves Spongy Meteorites
Our hero narrowly avoids death!
8/10/10 0.00


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