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Earthfelt: prologue page 5 - by ghostgirl21696

Earthfelt: prologue page 5

earthfelt1 - #05
Page 5: We encounter our first battle. In Technicolor.
For those wondering why the cliff is a hill, blame erosion.

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ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 4
earthfelt2 - #04
Page 16: Their house explodes in a fiery inferno!!!
2/8/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 5
earthfelt2 - #05
Page 17: Before Nina starts a crying fit, the mechanism attaches to Terry's wrist (unintentional Ben 10 reference) and their mom starts to tell them all they need to know.
2/8/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 6
earthfelt2 - #06
Page 18: a couple of errors, Jeff isn't the only one dead, he's the only one alive, The descendants are of the different 8 kids not just Paula and Ness. Originally, Ness was the grandfather, but the year scheme didn't fit. And one other thing, the Giygas resurrection program!!? That's disturbing(and an idea for a spin off...)
2/8/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 7
earthfelt2 - #07
Page 19: Terry tries to comfort his shattered sister, taking it better than she does.
2/8/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: Chapter 2
earthfelt3 - #00
Chapter 2, In Twoson (no shocker there). We've seen some people who resemble Onett residents, but now, who takes the place of our Twoson residents?
3/20/10 0.00


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