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Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 1 - by ghostgirl21696

Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 1

earthfelt2 - #01
page 13 of the comic: The next page is going to be a WHOLE LOT WEIRDER. Trust me.

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ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 4
earthfelt3 - #04
Page 68: Unable to keep the dream quiet for much longer, she ends up telling them about it.
3/20/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 5
earthfelt3 - #05
Page 69: Nina puts on her necklace, which was in her backpack (If you're wondering where their bags are, they can shrink them and fit them into their pocket, something very much in the good-but-7-years-old-technology in their time) and Apple kid tells them about what he knows about Paul's tragic life.
3/20/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 6
earthfelt3 - #06
Page 70: Finishing his description, Apple kid gives them more information, and a cell phone thingy?
3/20/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 7
earthfelt3 - #07
Page 71: The escargo express is replaced with a teleporting ability, only to receive, though, and they head off to burglin park.
3/20/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 8
earthfelt3 - #08
Page 72: small little burglin park introduction, and we (sort of) find out the time of year.
3/20/10 0.00


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