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Symphony of Lights - by CruxianAzelf

Symphony of Lights

An ebbing tide of red, yellow and blue, that brightens like fire and runs down everything in its path, straight from the heart of our dear hero.

Other Submissions by CruxianAzelf

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CruxianAzelf Spore: Mr. Saturn
Like many others before me, I've made a Mr. Saturn in Spore!
They really are quite funny little creatures, making sounds not unlike what'd you expect, all while running around with their short little legs!
5/12/09 0.00
CruxianAzelf Our Last Resort
My take on the chaotic, dramatic battle between the Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Giygas, and the Chosen Four.
11/9/08 0.00
CruxianAzelf Spore: The Mecha-Drago
It'd be missing one of its fangs, but Spore's like that.
Oh well, what can I do? I'm still somewhat happy with how it came out.
5/13/09 0.00
CruxianAzelf Kraken of the Sea
..yeah, horrible title, I know.
I recently hooked my new tablet up, so I did this as practice.
I'm pretty happy with the scales on its underbelly, myself.
1/7/09 0.00
CruxianAzelf A Starman's Last Moments
With gleaming golden eyes, lit up from the intense energy he was wielding, you see Ness through the round visor of a Starman Super, on the verge to attack with a deadly PSI Rockin' Omega..
5/15/09 0.00


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