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M3A – Page 018 - by OfficerJordan

M3A – Page 018

m3awaken - #18
Yes, Awakening has reader interaction! At least this part, anyway. Drawn by OfficerJordan.

Other Submissions by OfficerJordan

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OfficerJordan Baby Tony
Another belated birthday present, this time for ceddiebear. My manliness dropped about 40% drawing this, but it was so worth it.
10/6/09 0.00
OfficerJordan Blue Horror
An Insane Cultist portrayed in a horror movie-like light with an old film grain effect.
12/20/08 0.00
OfficerJordan Come To Your Mother
AKA Hinawa Sunflower Picture #11834072. But, hey… you gotta love your mother.
7/15/10 0.00
OfficerJordan MOTHER the First
A super early 21st birthday present to the most zaniest of RPG series out there.
Officer Jordan: Teddy, Lloyd’s lining, Lil’ Saucer, Last Starman, Groucho, Watcher, Titany, and BG
Pik: Ninten Coloring
Shy: Giegue and BG
MXXai: Ninten Lining, Lloyd Coloring, Ghost, Starman, and BG
RecDra: Ullrich in BG
PK22Hunter: Ana
6/23/10 9.00
OfficerJordan iScribble Ness
A simple Ness, and a shoutout to THE one true pairing
10/2/09 0.00


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