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My humble Earthbound collection! - by Chrissii

My humble Earthbound collection!

This is my humble little Earthbound collection! Sadly missing is the box & guide for the American version. :(

Pictured (Clockwise from top):
Hat-ness (x2) []
Shirt-ness []
Mr. Saturn Plush Cell Phone strap
Mr. Baseball pin []
Franklin Badge pin [] pin []
Anime Boston 2009 Badge with Ness Badge Clip [by Matt Herms]
Earthbound [Super NES]
Franklin Badge keyring []
"Hometown" pin set []
Mother 2 Original Soundtrack
Mother 2 [Super NES - Japan]
Fangamer art inserts from orders []
Mother 1+2 + Coca-Cola Keychain Figures [Bubble Monkey, Starman, Paula, Ness, Mr. Saturn, Master Belch]
Ness' Yo-yo []
Fangamer stickers + pins []
Mother 3 Handbook []
Mother 2 Sounds E.P. [Japanese Doujinshi remix album]

Other Submissions by Chrissii

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Chrissii Chosen Sims
Made these a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to submit... *smacks forehead* Yes, I am aware that Poo looks like Eminem. <_< There's no male ponytail. Or, you know.... kung fu outfit.
7/2/09 0.00


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