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Doorknobs and Dead People: Ch 1 - Page 10 - by Nami-Tsuki

Doorknobs and Dead People: Ch 1 - Page 10

A little color to brighten up the world of page ten.

Other Submissions by Nami-Tsuki

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Nami-Tsuki Doorknobs and Dead People: Ch 1 - Page 12
The ratio of doorknobs to dead people is a little uneven :I
5/21/10 0.00
Nami-Tsuki Fightin the Kracken!
They were totally on the Pirate Ship during that Kracken fight. Multi Bottle Rockets will take care of you, monster!
11/24/08 0.00
Nami-Tsuki Muuu...
This is one of my favorite parts of that game~
5/10/10 0.00
Nami-Tsuki Doorknobs and Dead People: Ch 1 - Page 5
This page is kinda sad :c
5/14/10 0.00


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