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I've Leveled Up, Ness - by pikachugirl2

I've Leveled Up, Ness

An unconscious Ness in Peaceful Rest Valley means it's time for Paula to strut her stuff, not caring about levels! W00T ! Paula!!!

Other Submissions by pikachugirl2

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pikachugirl2 Mushroomized
And/or high, he is.
6/3/10 0.00
pikachugirl2 Ness's Agony
Why do all my pictures of Ness always have him bleeding???
6/28/10 0.00
pikachugirl2 Ness's Nightmare
"Do you want to cry for help in the dark, Ness? Cry for help in the darkness?" I'm not completely sure about this one, but one thing's for sure: it's creepy.
5/20/10 0.00
pikachugirl2 One Less Lamp In The World
Ninten killed a lamp. ASSUME THE HEROES POSE NINTEN! (Quick doodle on MS Paint. First time drawing Ninten! :D)
5/20/10 0.00
pikachugirl2 Paula
And yet another random doodle.
6/3/10 0.00


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