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Ionia's Secret Power - by Katrina Watersong

Ionia's Secret Power

I imagine the Magypsies having secret PSI powers only they can use. This is Ionia's, "Forest Blade".

Other Submissions by Katrina Watersong

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Katrina Watersong A Bee I Am Not
This is my version of Buzz Buzz. Mine is like, a blue alien with insect wings. Mine kind of looks like Giegue with insect wings, antennae instead of Giegue's ears, and dark blue things on his wrists... weird.

A bee it is not, but a transparency, IT IS!!!
12/26/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong A Dragonish Giygas
This is my version of Giygas. Not the skull thing that is typically seen but a more dragonish version. I thought I'd submit this as my first piece of Fan Art here. I am Katrina Watersong, please accept me.
11/1/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong A Magypsy And Her Octopus
I drew Mixolydia riding on Ocho. The water turned out really good in this picture. I thought that Missy wearing Ocho's hat was a cute idea ♥
12/11/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong A Magypsy and Her Tenda
I think Mixolydia found a new friend. Ocho is going to be burning up with jealousy. HOORAY FOR CROSSOVERS!
1/17/10 0.00
Katrina Watersong Aeolia sees what you did
5/14/10 0.00


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