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15 Years - by Leirin

15 Years

Thank you for this game.

Other Submissions by Leirin

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Leirin Wisdom of the World
Come fill my eyes with visions, so that I may see
7/19/11 0.00
Leirin Valentines
2/14/13 0.00
Leirin TOS - Part 1
The first part of The Other Side; the Pigmasks discover Claus, beaten and torn from the Mecha Drago fight, and carry him into their pod...
11/27/09 0.00
Leirin To the Mountains We Go
The gang's all set to head for the mountains. Except, Loid wouldn't be going, but I figured I'd draw him anyway. Super Mario World capes for the win!
9/15/09 0.00
Leirin To fade away
Color/lighting experiment
11/10/11 0.00


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