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Commander - by avroillusion


New art style. Let his robo eyes sear themselves into your mind.

Other Submissions by avroillusion

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avroillusion AndHearts
A picture of Kumatora's alter ego, Yoshikoshi the waitress.
11/14/06 8.00
avroillusion Birdstick Candy 'n Clouds
Now in Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Mint and Blue Raspberry.
8/7/07 9.39
avroillusion Birthday Ropesnake
One of the few pictures I drew for a birthday card.
11/14/06 0.00
avroillusion By Moonlight
Kumatora and Salsa sitting on something that somewhat resembles the village well.
12/11/06 0.00
avroillusion Chrysanthemum
Ana, our favourite little girl in blonde pigtails from Mother. She's got herself a little Jack-O-Lantern~.
10/18/06 7.00


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