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Battle of the Chosen - by OfficerJordan

Battle of the Chosen

A piece in the same vein as This Sanctuary is MINE!. Done by Pik, 22hunter, Aangie and I.

Other Submissions by OfficerJordan

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OfficerJordan Bionic Kraken
The serpentine cyborg menace from the past.
10/2/09 0.00
OfficerJordan The End of EVE
The wreckage of George's beloved creation: EVE sings her last swan song. My backgrounds are lacking, so this is what you guys get. But EVE has 19 years on Pixar’s EVE, so hah!
6/26/10 0.00
OfficerJordan Queen Mary's Lament
This is the last 'old-and-only-finished-today' fan art I'll be doing for a while, so you'll see much newer and better stuff next time. I admit she looks a bit like a princess rather than a queen.
3/18/09 0.00
OfficerJordan This Melody is MINE!
This is the successor to ‘This Sanctuary is MINE!’ and ‘The Heroes of Nowhere’ and my personal favorite! Contributors: OfficerJordan, Karzahnii, Aangie, shiroandfubuki, Beezo'n'Weldar, GameGeekAdvanced and immageeg.
10/4/09 0.00
OfficerJordan Femme Fatale
Threed's famous Scary Zombie Lady has invited you into her hotel room for a nasty surprise...
2/22/10 8.00


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