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Me am College student - by KaziRede

Me am College student

I decided to celebrate moving into my dorm. How? By taking a picture of my Lucky Little Saturn on my Laptop~

Other Submissions by KaziRede

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KaziRede Sunflower seeds page 4
Those glasses really bother Lucas~
7/6/10 0.00
KaziRede Ness ... in Lupin the Third?!
I was watching 'Lupin the Third' when I was shown this, not even a minute into the show! Not only did I find EarthBound, but Also FaB As well! Who would've guessed?
5/28/09 0.00
KaziRede Mother?
6/19/09 0.00
KaziRede Lucas Reads a Book!
"Hey Guys, did you know Evil Knievel was born in Montana?"
8/12/09 0.00
KaziRede Poo's reaching for something
Possible for the sword of kings.
8/12/09 0.00


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