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Happy Saturn - by Actionfighter

Happy Saturn

Blue blue, is kay-o!
Just a little doodle I did on the computer for my media studies work from a couple years back.

Other Submissions by Actionfighter

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Actionfighter Saturn Ribbon
Paula's new headwear is getting her some unexpected attention.
1/24/11 0.00
Actionfighter Secondary Purpose
She must not be aware of the big bucks she could've made from that egg after hatching.
2/9/11 0.00
Actionfighter Sniffing For Truffles
Ness must have nostrils of steel.
3/13/11 0.00
Actionfighter Snow Saturn
Brrr... Am cold, boing!
I made this getting on two years ago now, but better late then never eh?
9/28/10 0.00
Actionfighter Sunbathing
Living in Winters, Jeff's body isn't quite used to being in the sun.
3/13/11 0.00


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