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Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 114 - by ghostgirl21696

Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 114

earthfelt31 - #14
page 178: Everyone I know says this page was... weird. They did'nt understand.

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ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 25
earthfelt2 - #25
Page 37: The reason Terry looks so short is because he's on his knees.
2/27/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 48
earthfelt3 - #48
page 112: no mushrooms this time!!!!
5/22/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: Chapter 3 page 16
earthfelt4 - #16
page 211
2/5/11 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 1 page 26
earthfelt2 - #26
Page 38: If you can't read it,(because of the guy's horrible writing) It says:
We have kidnapped your friend. We have her hostage at our base. If you want to see her again, you will have a fight with our boss, Snake, at 4:00 tomorrow. If you don't, we will kill your friend.
The Zombies
Street gang of Onett.
2/27/10 0.00
ghostgirl21696 Earthfelt: chapter 2 page 49
earthfelt3 - #49
page 113: not much to say here.
5/22/10 0.00


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