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A rainy day - by platinatina

A rainy day

At least Lucas has an umbrella. Still seems pretty upset, though.

Other Submissions by platinatina

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platinatina Ray of Hope
A tiny glimmer of hope lies somewhere in this downpour.
8/15/11 0.00
platinatina Bliss
A cheerful little angel.
8/15/11 0.00
platinatina Her Majesty
A portrait of Queen Mary. (She's probably a lot older than this, but royal portraits tend to portray people young, heh.)
8/15/11 0.00
platinatina Starstruck
I hope tiny little gifs are okay! And if they're not, that's okay too.
6/26/11 0.00
platinatina Strawberry Tofu
I dunno, the colors just made me think of strawberries and tofu.
6/26/11 0.00


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