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EBZ Part 1 - by LisVender

EBZ Part 1

EBZ - Part 1 - The rest of the gang is down and Poo is gridlocked with the evil Starman but begins to lose ground.

Other Submissions by LisVender

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LisVender Mecha Drago
A (loosely interpreted) sketch of Mecha Drago.
7/14/06 0.00
LisVender Mother 3 on the Agenda
I love meetings, because they give me hours to practice my sketches. A cookie to whomever correctly guesses all the Mother 3 (and Mother 2) characters doodled here.
3/27/07 0.00
LisVender Motherly Horizon
UFOs over Fourside, Mt. Itoi, and Stonehenge.
3/1/06 8.00


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