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Mother 3 MB: Chapter 1-pg 29 - by PK Tormenta Estelar

Mother 3 MB: Chapter 1-pg 29

moonbound - #29
I suppose I can call myself a sadist, but myself is too busy enjoying the horror on Fuel's face. Dyed cotton stuffing has never looked gorier.

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PK Tormenta Estelar Light Meets Shadow(resized)
I...stupidly forgot to check the size...sorry!
Anyways, last summer I got the most random idea...but for now I'll just let this cuteness hide what it is untill it's ready for
1/2/10 0.00
PK Tormenta Estelar Mother 3 MB Cover- Parts 1 and 2
moonbound - #03-2
The cover page for the fanmade sequel of Mother 3, Moonbound (not to be confused with the fic in the writting board, which I had no idea existed at the time of conception)

An extension of the symbolisim of balance and duality that the original Mother 3 showed, and in my opinion reminescent of JRPGs, which I beleive the game parodied.
4/3/10 0.00
PK Tormenta Estelar Mother 3 MB-Chapter 1 Page 7
moonbound - #07
Another quick page.
The plot finally begins to the next page!
4/24/10 0.00
PK Tormenta Estelar Mother 3 MB-Chapter 1 Page 8
moonbound - #08
Maybe I put a little too much meaning behind the banter between these two...see if you can find it!
5/1/10 0.00
PK Tormenta Estelar Mother 3 MB-Chapter 1 page1
moonbound - #01
The introduction to a comic that I have been dedicating a huge chunk of my free time since late last summer. Mother 3: MoonBound (not to be confused with the fic in the forums) is basically my interpretation of what happened after the events of Mother 3, seven years after the Dark Dragon's awakening. I suppose you can call it a Mother 3.5 of sorts, but its not a fangame, so...
Anyways, I should have a cover ready soon, but for now I'll just take you back into the world of Mother 3.
3/31/10 0.00


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