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Theory: Struttin' Shrooms - by Artemis251

Theory: Struttin' Shrooms

Few people are aware of the lives of fungi. They're actually quite versatile creatures. They have gills for breathing underwater, wear their best caps all day long, and even create feature films like "Clash of the Chitins" starring Portobello Lugosi. It shouldn't surprise you, after knowing this, that they have adapted to live by learning to walk.

How did this come to be, though? Were mushrooms always this versatile? No, actually. This was a development wrought on by the infamous Hippies in Twoson. Their thirst for freedom and peace lead a team of more scientific-minded hippies to create the world's first 'free-range' mushrooms, who were constantly goaded to be free and move about to their own content.

At first, obviously, little happened -- it was almost as if their brains were mush rooms filled with little else. However, they soon grew accustomed to their newfound liberties. It seems they always had vestigial legs hidden underground that each was secretly self-conscious about. The sudden influx of positive reinforcement, however, allowed them to slowly let go of their inhibitions and walk free.

Frequently, these-free-range mushrooms have been noted to escape the areas of their farmers, chasing down local boys and teaching various plantlife about the boons of mobility. Even today, a large troupe of Hippies patrols Twoson, searching for stray Struttin' Mushrooms.

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